Make Eating Veggies Fun for Kids

VeggieMat™ is an interactive placemat that helps kids discover the joys of eating colorful veggies.

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How VeggieMat™ Works

VeggieMat™ with colorful vegetables on it How many colors will they eat?!

Prepare Your Veggies

Show your kids where veggies come from, how to wash and cut them, and why they’re awesome.

Fill out the VeggieMat

Fill out the VeggieMat together, discuss the colors, and let your kids discover goodness at their own pace.

Eat Your Veggies

Help your kids love veggies earlier to increase the likelihood of a healthier lifestyle when they grow up.

VeggieMat™ with colorful vegetables on it

There’s Science on Every Mat

VeggieMat is more than just mealtime fun: We’ve used four scientific studies in designing our mats to ensure every detail helps your kids eat more veg.

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What Parents Have To Say

“With VeggieMat™, he is eating lettuce and raw carrots, which he always refused before.

He keeps saying, “I do like salad!” So, definitely a progress! Not bad for a first attempt. He just ate the pepper and said “Mmm!” the whole time.”

Annie M., mom of a 3-year old boy
Annie M.
Mom of a 3-year old boy, Berlin

“VeggieMat™ is a source of entertainment for my kid when aren’t eating at home.

We played with veggies different from the ones drawn and it was still great fun. It’s so easy to fold, we can take it everywhere."

Sara Planta, mom of 2.5-year old boy
Sara Planta
Mom of a 2.5-year old boy, Berlin

"I can hardly take VeggieMat™ away to wash without screams of protest.

Naima loves having her own special food activity mat in front of her seat. VeggieMat™ helps us talk about eating colorful veggies while she has a meal. It is another form of fun exposure to cultivating healthy food habits that are so important."

Kira Cohen-Milo, mom of a 2.5-year old girl
Kira Cohen-Milo
MS in Nutrition & Public Health (Columbia University), Former Nutrition Educator in NYC Public Schools. Mom of a 2.5-year old girl.

Hassle-free & Safety-assured

Annie M., mom of a 3-year old boy

Great Table Grip

Concerned the food might end up on the floor? VeggieMat™ is harder to move than regular plates.

Dishwasher Safe

When there are kids involved, you need all the help you can get. We’ve made VeggieMat dishwasher-safe, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Approved Materials

We use non-toxic, food-safe FDA and LFGB-approved materials in our mats – nothing but the best for your kids.

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VeggieMat™ with colorful vegetables on it
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