VeggieMat™ with colorful vegetables on it

“About a year ago, while researching a product I was working on, I came across a study exploring the impact of picky eating on a kid's future. After talking to several parents, I realized there was no single thing that makes kids eat more vegetables. So, combining science and real life, I designed a product that is visually appealing, encourages healthy eating, stimulates interest and allows pickier eaters to try new things.

Adopting healthy eating habits from a young age can have a positive influence on dietary habits later in life. We tested VeggieMat™ with families – both parents and kids loved it! It takes children on a veggie voyage of matching vegetable pieces to shapes and talking about colors. By helping them discover a veggie wonderland, VeggieMat™ makes healthy eating fun."

VeggieMat™ with colorful vegetables on it

VeggieMat™ is a family-run business managed by Artiom Dashinsky, a former Senior Product Designer at WeWork as well as the author of an Amazon best-seller in the Design category.

Based in Israel and Europe, the family of three are educators, makers and product designers alike who have built things used by professionals at Google, Facebook, Netflix, Boeing, and others.

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VeggieMat™ with colorful vegetables on it